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Aug 27, ’13

Although the calendar still dictates that it’s August, our minds and hearts pulse Rosh Hashanah. Both physically and spiritually, it’s time to prepare for the New Year. Cleaning the house, ensuring our children’s best clothes still fit, and making sure the dining room linens are cleaned and starched. So, why not get a head start on your holiday menu as well? I have developed a festive main dish, a side dish and, of course, honey cookies, that can be neatly tucked into your freezer.  … Read more >>

August 21, ’13

CBP Peach Cobler
It’s August ,  and I’ve just prepared my three inaugural recipes for this website. I have been developing recipes for years, including over 100 recipes which are featured in my new book, Gluten Free Goes Gourmet. However, I wanted these first three recipes to somewhat set the tone. They needed to be light, attractive and, needless to say, absolutely delicious. It’s been such a hot summer in New YorkState – what better way to beat the heat than a refreshing and hydrating lemonade. Lemons are naturally… Read more >>

Aug. 20, ’13

No one wants to deny their children a treat, especially if it's an icy cold treat on a sweltering day. However, one glance at the freezer section of a local grocery or corner store is enough to scare away anybody concerned about their children's health. Ice pops are loaded with added refined sugars, not to mention a rainbow of artificial colors, dyes that can rob children of their innocent sweet calmness and their ability to focus. So, while creating my version of ice pops that… Read more >>

Measuring Starches

Aside from weighing, the most accurate method to measuring any kind of starch is to scoop the starch into a dry measuring cup using a large spoon, until the cup is overflowing. Then with the blunt edge of a knife or your finger, sweep off the excess until the starch is level with the top of the measuring cup. Do not be tempted to pat the measuring cup on the counter surface. This action will compact the starch, leaving you with the decidedly wrong impression that you need… Read more >>

Canola oil

Throughout this book, I have often called for oil without specifying what kind, with the exception of olive oil (see below). In all of these cases, when I was developing the recipe or making it for my family, I used canola oil. Because of its neutral taste, canola oil is like a blank canvas, making it the ideal cooking and baking partner. Canola oil is naturally high in monounsaturated fats and low in saturated fat. It’s high in omega-3 and a good source of vitamin… Read more >>