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Sep 17, 2013

As the temperature dips slightly and our schedules acclimatize to the return to school, extra curricular events and projects, our appetites also grow more attuned to the changing season and what the markets have to offer. Just in time for the Jewish Holy Days and perfect for the end of Succot (the festival of the Fall harvest), the autumn favorite stuffed cabbage satisfies on many different levels. Depending on your heritage, be it Polish, Hungarian or Russian, cabbage rolls can have many different tastes. Even… Read more >>

Sep 10 ’13

Flaky Vegetable Turnovers This versatile dough is simplicity itself. First and foremost, unlike most flour based doughs, it doesn’t have to rest or be chilled before you start to toll it out. When I was developing this flaky dough, one of my criteria was that it could be used right away. Check. I also wanted to make sure that if you wanted to, you could chill it for use in a couple of hours or even a day or two. Check and check. Because I… Read more >>

September 2nd 2013

Picture 008
Let’s make lunch fun!!! That’s one of my main missions in this section and I will be adding a lot of helpful hints over the next few months in upcoming posts. For now, I think it’s important to realize the challenges kids face when they make the transition from a diet to which they are accustomed to one that is new, potentially spells deprivation – at least to their minds – and may set them apart. That’s why I suggest caution and of course, a… Read more >>