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October 15, 2013

  You know, it’s amazing to me how muffins have evolved from a healthy, smallish item, possibly warmed up for breakfast, or tucked into a loved one’s lunch bag, or offered as an afternoon snack, to over the top, sugar laden,  sometimes mammoth, not to mention gargantuan, little cakes thinly disguised as muffins. There’s nothing wrong with cake, mind you, but a muffin, especially if it’s supposedly a healthy type of muffin, should be exactly that. Case in point, carrot muffins. A muffin of this… Read more >>


This humble member of the parsley family has been renowned for its nutritional profile. In fact, carrots are one of the most nutritious root vegetables you can buy. They are an excellent source of beta carotene, which gives carrots their bright orange hue. Low in calories and high in fiber, carrot’s carotene helps protect our sight and night vision, can improve our cardiovascular health and aids in the maintenance of  healthy lungs. Terrific in both sweet and savory applications, carrots contain vitamin C and E… Read more >>

October 8, 2013

A healthy lemon muffin seemed a bit out of reach. Why, you ask? Well, one thing that I have realized is that when developing recipes for gluten-free baked goods, combining the right gluten-free flours is far less of a challenge if you use refined sugar. Refined sugar tends to add the airiness and height that gluten-free flours are unable to provide. I was, however, determined to develop a lemon muffin that wasn’t heavy and still called for raw sugar. I’m happy to report that the… Read more >>

October 1, 2013

As clichéd as it may seem,   there’s more than a nugget of truth behind the fact that as the weather cools, our appetites and food expectations change as well. A main course salad, so apt and refreshing during the warm summer months, no longer holds the same appeal as the temperature dips and our bodies acclimatize to colder climes. It’s so very fitting that as we crave warmer, more deeply satisfying dishes, Hashem has provided us with a bountiful crop of vegetables that soothe and… Read more >>


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  Congratulations Vicky, on a job well done. I read the cookbook thoroughly and I can’t wait to run into my kitchen and start making those delicious recipes. The pictures are so beautiful and tantalizing. I’m ready to eat the food right off the page!! The information you provide in the beginning of the book, and throughout your site, is so practical and user-friendly. Anyone, from novice chefs to amateur cooks, will roll up their sleeves and begin cooking in confidence. As a Director of… Read more >>