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November 18th, 2013 Susie Fishbein

Susie Fishbein, the author of more than 6 cookbooks, leaves no stone unturned in her creative quest to make food new and exciting. So, of course, I was not surprised when she sent me a recipe for Guacamole Latkes. Not surprised but perhaps just a touch skeptical. Of course, I have had guacamole in the past and have enjoyed it thoroughly. But in a latke? Hmmmm. I should have had more faith in this doyenne of modern Jewish cooking. After preparing the latkes for the… Read more >>

November 13, 2013, Nechama Cohen

  Although Nechama Cohen has appeared on this website before (wisewords), this is my first opportunity to actually welcome her and to garner a few words in her honor. The author of the seminal work, Enlightened Kosher Cooking,  which was first published in 2006, Nechama is in a word, vivid. She has an engaging, positive personality, evident not only in person when you meet her, but just as readily apparent in her writing.  This color and verve readily comes through in her cooking which is… Read more >>

November 11, 2013, Estee Kafra

Front cover
It is with great excitement that I include here a recipe from Estee Kafra, the talented and creative genius behind the website Kosher Scoop. And that description doesn’t even include what a fine and genuine person I think she is. Although Estee’s website has been up and going for about 18 months (need to check this!!), Estee is hardly new to the gastronomic world. She is the author of two cookbooks, written for Binah magazine for several years and has just this month published a new cookbook, Estee… Read more >>

Jewish Diabetes Association

Vicky, We have long known your gift for helping others and have personally benefited from your devotion. It was a pleasure following you all this time and witnessing the birth of such an important piece of work. Mazel tov for many things; It is a blessing to finally have your work in writing so that so many more people can benefit at once. That it led to such a beautiful web site and important blog are additional feathers that you manage to pull out of… Read more >>

November 8, 2013 Peanut Butter/Sun Butter Chocolate Lollies

I don’t know about you but at this time of year, with the holidays around the corner, I’m always looking for simple, easy to make treats which I can put together in about 1 hour and which can be presented at a moment’s notice for guests or toted to a dinner party as a quick hostess gift. My chocolate lollies are the quintessential solution to this dilemma. They are incredibly easy to make, take about 30 minutes to put together and then only about another… Read more >>