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Connecting Children To Health

This particular section of my website is very dear to my heart. As a mom, I know firsthand that mom’s are inundated with information – with helpful hints on how to be a better parent, with recipes that will nourish our children, with research that indicates which books to buy, which mattresses to use and which discipline is the most effective.

As a mom, I know the bottom line is that parents crave first and foremost what is best for their child. That the child’s growing and learning experience should be happy and seamless. That they should healthfully grow into strong, capable adults and be the best they can be.

As the author of a cookbook and of a gluten-free website, I also know that excitement around meals and meal preparation is key to maintaining good health. My goal is to provide healthy, delicious, accessible and child friendly recipes that families can prepare together. Along with those recipes, I also hope to provide all sorts of nutritional back stories to explain the choice of certain ingredients and why it may be beneficial to those suffering from issues with gluten or opting to live more healthfully.

As a wellness consultant, however, I know that, although all children are special, those with behavioral, learning or health challenges require unique insights. Insights into what foods will trigger allergies or those that may help alleviate medical symptoms. Insights into those ingredients children should avoid and those that can actually strengthen motor capabilities. The posts that you will find under this tab will provide you not only with amazing wholesome recipes but with added information on how to take advantage of food groups and activities that can accompany meal preparation.

December 26, 2013 Tomato Rice Soup

   This satisfying soup, which I served with brown rice, by the way, received rave reviews from adult and children alike who were used to eating only white rice. If that’s not a resounding vote of success, then I’m not sure what is!!       Ingredients: 8  large plum tomatoes 1 clove garlic 2  tbsp  oil 2 large onions, diced ½  cup brown rice or white rice 1  tbsp Kosher salt 2  tbsp agave, raw organic or granulated sugar      Directions:   1. Cut the plum tomatoes in half lengthwise; with… Read more >>

November 6th, 2013 Dreidel Cookies

It seems to me that around the holidays, parents relax the rules a bit. Whether it’s what time you expect your child to go to sleep, how much leisure activity you allow them or what treats you let them have, or for that matter, how many!! Certainly, the same is true of Chanukah. The kids are out of school, routines have melted a touch, dinners run late into the evening and chocolate gelt is flowing. One of my favorite ways to spend time with my… Read more >>

October 8, 2013

A healthy lemon muffin seemed a bit out of reach. Why, you ask? Well, one thing that I have realized is that when developing recipes for gluten-free baked goods, combining the right gluten-free flours is far less of a challenge if you use refined sugar. Refined sugar tends to add the airiness and height that gluten-free flours are unable to provide. I was, however, determined to develop a lemon muffin that wasn’t heavy and still called for raw sugar. I’m happy to report that the… Read more >>

September 2nd 2013

Picture 008
Let’s make lunch fun!!! That’s one of my main missions in this section and I will be adding a lot of helpful hints over the next few months in upcoming posts. For now, I think it’s important to realize the challenges kids face when they make the transition from a diet to which they are accustomed to one that is new, potentially spells deprivation – at least to their minds – and may set them apart. That’s why I suggest caution and of course, a… Read more >>

Aug. 20, ’13

No one wants to deny their children a treat, especially if it's an icy cold treat on a sweltering day. However, one glance at the freezer section of a local grocery or corner store is enough to scare away anybody concerned about their children's health. Ice pops are loaded with added refined sugars, not to mention a rainbow of artificial colors, dyes that can rob children of their innocent sweet calmness and their ability to focus. So, while creating my version of ice pops that… Read more >>