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We have long known your gift for helping others and have personally benefited from your devotion. It was a pleasure following you all this time and witnessing the birth of such an important piece of work.

Mazel tov for many things; It is a blessing to finally have your work in writing so that so many more people can benefit at once. That it led to such a beautiful web site and important blog are additional feathers that you manage to pull out of your magical hat.

Kudos for such a beautiful work of art. As soon as our daughter got her copy our granddaughter grabbed it to look through and choose the recipes that she wanted to try. The pictures bring it all to life and the reading is easy and so important. There is so much practical and useful information.

As we often discussed Vicky, diabetes and related medical issues that are controlled, treated and even prevented with proper nutrition are becoming more and better understood. Sensitivity to wheat and the need for gluten free regimens are not just a fad but an important and accepted part of nutrition therapy for many conditions. You have always been a forerunner in this field and so, truthfully, none of these successes are really a surprise but a relief. To finally have all this vital information at our fingertips is so important.

Vicky you are a wonderful shaliach (messenger). May HaShem give you the koach to continue this avodat kodesh (holy work) and you and yours should be blessed for all the help that you are offering


About the Jewish Diabetes Association

The Jewish Diabetes Association (JDA) is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization founded in 1985. What began as a small support group has now become a dynamic, worldwide organization providing support, and information for people with diabetes and diabetes-related illnesses. Because of the close correlation between obesity, diabetes, and high-risk factors in ethnic populations, JDA stresses the need for education, prevention, and care. For more info go to:


About Nechama Cohen

Founder and CEO of The Jewish Diabetes Association, Nechama Cohen was diagnosed with type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes in 1985. Rather than shy away from this new challenge, she embraced her dietary challenges through research and cooking, and concluded that with positive attitude and enough information, control is obtainable. Since 1986, Cohen has shared her EnLITEned approach to healthful eating and living with thousands of people, helping them live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Cohen is the author of many articles on diabetes, studied nutrition at Brooklyn College, and nursing at Kingsboro College. She is a CNP, diabetes educator and nutrition coach for 28 years. Nechama can be reached at: