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Measuring Sweetners

shutterstock_122122537Depending on which sweetener you use, there are basically three ways to measure most sweeteners. If your sweetener of choice is in a liquid form, as is agave, honey or organic honey, then use a liquid measuring cup with the measurements listed on the side of the glass. Simply pour in the sweetener until it reaches the desired amount. For free running sweeteners, such as granulated sugar, organic raw cane sugar or xylitol, , scoop the sugar or sugar substitute into a dry measuring cup using a large spoon, until the cup is overflowing. Then with the blunt edge of a knife or your finger, sweep off the excess sugar until the sugar is level with the top of the measuring cup. Do not be tempted to pat the measuring cup on the counter. This will compact the sugar, suggesting there is actually less than the desired amount, perhaps leading you to add more than is required. The exception to this is, of course, is brown sugar, which should be packed and compressed in the dry measuring cup.