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By Vicky Pearl

September 2013


ISBN: 978-1-885220-77-6

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For those whose health depends on the elimination of certain ingredients, Vicky presents a unique wholesome collection. Nothing is sacrificed to provide the look, texture, flavor, and aroma of tradition that reminds us of special times and special people… These recipes will help people learn to love living gluten-free.”

Mary Schluckebler, BS, MA Executive Director, Celiac Sprue Association

Gluten Free Goes Gourmet – And Kosher


Nutrition Expert Vicky Pearl’s new cookbook provides delicious solutions for cooking gluten and dairy-free.


Brooklyn, NY. . .The rising incidence of gluten intolerance and sensitivity in the American population, as well as a heightened focus on wellness and healthy eating, has spurred a demand for easy to follow delicious recipes and meal ideas. In her new cookbook, Gluten Free Goes Gourmet, noted nutrition expert and consultant, Vicky Pearl, combines the healthfulness of gluten-free with gourmet tastes that happen to be kosher. This first- ever comprehensive kosher gluten-free cookbook features over 100 original gluten, dairy, and corn-free recipes for the hundreds of thousands of people who are eating gluten-free, many of whom also keep kosher. Vicky hopes that this book will educate many about the virtues of “eating healthy and well.”


As a practicing nutrition coach, Vicky has been helping people eat better for almost two decades and has been at the forefront of the gluten free movement witnessing firsthand the amazing health benefits that following a gluten-free diet can incur.


“The book contains recipes that I have made over and over again for my family and friends,” Vicky explains. “All of the recipes in this book are replicable in home kitchen, using equipment that are sure to have on hand and with skills most of us have or can easily learn.”


Gluten Free Goes Gourmet has something for everyone for any occasion and run the gamut from Dips & Drinks to Stellar Side Dishes, Magnificent Mock Dairy to Marvelous Meat & Poultry, and Breads and Desserts. Recipes include: Chicken Soup & Knaidlach; Brisket & Chicken Rollups; Baked Salmon in Marinade; Mock Cheese Blintzes; Creamy Eggplant Dip; Broccoli & Carrot Salad; Potato Kugel; and Moist Honey Cake, to name only a few. Vicky also provides extensive information on pantry items and ingredients.


“It was also my intention that my recipes do not rapidly raise blood sugar levels. I chose to use low-glycemic vegetables such as zucchini, broccoli and others, as much as possible. I also wanted to make sure that granulated sugar could be used successfully in the same recipe should home cooks prefer to use it.”


Gluten Free Goes Gourmet is an indispensable tool for anybody interested in cooking and eating gluten-free. With the holidays just around the corner, this is the must-have cookbook.


“Who knew gluten-free foods could look this good?! With beautiful pictures and delicious recipes, this book is a breakthrough for anyone with special dietary concerns.”

Estee Kafra,, Author of Spice it Right! And Cooking with Color


“Vicky’s cookbook is one huge step in the right direction in the worldwide movement to help stop the growth of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. All of Vicky’s recipes use real food, without gimmicks of any kind, in real recipes that are doable in your home kitchen and that you will be proud to serve.”

Nechama Cohen, Nutritional Consultant and Naturopath

Founder and Director, Jewish Diabetes Association, Author of Enlightened Kosher Cooking


“You only need to read the dessert section of this cookbook to see that Vicky Pearl has enabled those with gluten intolerances to never feel deprived. So many Jewish favorites are now gluten-free!”

Leah Schapira,, author of Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking and co-author of the Made Easy cookbook series



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