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November 1, 2013

I am overcome with excitement and couldn’t wait to tell you, my readers, about what awaits you the next three weeks. Starting on Tuesday, November 5th, I am thrilled to present you with 8 guest bloggers, with special side dish, dessert and exciting latke recipes to celebrate the 8 days of Chanukah. These talented bloggers and cookbook authors have graciously accepted my invitation to post some of their favorite Chanukah foods, ones that I hope will become a regular addition to your holiday repertoire. Of course, I will be adding special recipes of my own as well.  So be sure to check in with us next week (and almost every day after that), as we bring you fabulous dishes from such well known names as Levana Kirschenbaum, Jamie Geller, Estee Kafra, Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek and more.