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Jewish Diabetes Association

Vicky, We have long known your gift for helping others and have personally benefited from your devotion. It was a pleasure following you all this time and witnessing the birth of such an important piece of work. Mazel tov for many things; It is a blessing to finally have your work in writing so that so many more people can benefit at once. That it led to such a beautiful web site and important blog are additional feathers that you manage to pull out of… Read more >>


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  Congratulations Vicky, on a job well done. I read the cookbook thoroughly and I can’t wait to run into my kitchen and start making those delicious recipes. The pictures are so beautiful and tantalizing. I’m ready to eat the food right off the page!! The information you provide in the beginning of the book, and throughout your site, is so practical and user-friendly. Anyone, from novice chefs to amateur cooks, will roll up their sleeves and begin cooking in confidence. As a Director of… Read more >>